Godil Cold Chain(Pvt.) Ltd. It is highly modernized cold warehousing facility which started its operations in August 2008. It is a state of art storage facility erected using imported panels and has a centralized fully automated PLC based Italian Plant. It has a total capacity of above 2800 Tons/Pallets, with specific temperature controls for different products.

Main Features

  • Ideal Location at Korangi
    2800 Tons/Pallets at Korangi
  • Eight Rooms at Korangi
  • Centrally Located
  • (5-10 mins. drive from City Centre, Defence & Tariq Rd.)
  • 7 rooms(Chillers/Freezers) At Korangi
  • Any temperature from -27 degree C to +15 degreeC, according to need.
  • Palletized Stacking System.
  • 4 Mast Fork Lifter fro smooth operations(Loading/Unloading)
  • Cross Docking.
  • Secure, clean & hygienic environment.
  • Dock Bay with capacity to accomodate 4 containers at one time.
  • 2 back up generators.
  • Fully automated PLC system.
  • 24 Hours CCTV recording and security guards.